Healthy Cooking Becomes Easy if You Plan Ahead
Healthy Cooking Becomes Easy if You Plan Ahead

Sometimes you just don’t have anything to cook! If this happens several times a week for you, some change in your planning habits is required.

Numerous things can be done to ensure that cooking is not a chore; you can be stressed out but still have a nutritious and pleasurable meal.

Compromise is the last thing that you should do with your health, and there is no need to do it. All you need to do is some planning. Plan your meals ahead of time; some might prefer a week ahead, some a few days, and some a few meals.

Efficiently planned meal schedules will save you a lot of labor; keep your body healthy and your spirits glowing.

  • The pantry– Keep your pantry stocked, but stocking it with some thought put into the future will make you thank your past self several times over. Having food that is healthy and can be eaten quickly is essential. Eggs, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, spices, herbs, and condiments, keep these things in sufficient quantity. Eating a little extra fruit, so it doesn’t waste will not hurt you at all, but fast food will. Stock them up!
  • The freezer– There are a lot of food items that freeze well, cooked, and uncooked. Frozen vegetables like peas, carrots, broccoli, and more are reassuring, so are frozen fruits. They can last several weeks and months without being harmed much; no excuse for them not being there unless, of course, there is no room left in your freezer.
  • Big batches– It is a lovely and tranquil weekend, and cooking feels easy and relaxing. How about cooking a big batch and freezing it? This way, you can have some of that tranquility later on in the week too. A lot of cooked dishes like stews, loaves, soups, casseroles, etc. freeze well. You can also cook a large batch of tomato sauce and freeze it; it can serve as a base for other dishes in the future.

Not only will you be saving time, but you will also be saving energy. Put the cooked tomato sauce in an ice bath to cool it quickly, and then pop it into the freezer in freezer-safe plastic bags or containers. Don’t forget to label them! Frozen foods often last a long time, but they are susceptible to freezer burn. A fresh fruit homemade sorbet will be a nutritious and delicious dessert, making large quantities will help again.

  • The extra mile– How about cutting up a few extra vegetables which can be used as snacks with some mustard, yogurt, or anything else that you like? It seems like an excellent idea, try it. You can also make extra rice which can be used in the next meal or stir-fried the next day. You can also hard boil a few extra eggs; with their shell intact, they remain fresh for a week in the fridge. Make some extra chicken and use the leftovers for another dish that requires cooked chicken.

Doing some extra work when you are free and have ample energy will save you a lot of hassle when you don’t. Plan so that you can always have a healthy meal in a few minutes.

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